• Congratulations to Lisa Vaile on her appointment to the CDD Board on August 22, 2016

  • On November 8, 2016 the CDD Board hopes when you cast your vote for President you will scroll down the ballot and cast your vote for the CDD Board seats that are up for election.

  • On July 25, 2016 the CDD Board will discuss the appointment criteria. If you’re interested in being appointed to a CDD Board Supervisory seat please send a resume by July 15 to for consideration by the Board.

  • June 2016 the CDD Board contracted with Golden Eye Technology for real time monitoring at the pool and automatic dispatch of the Sheriff when trespassers or vandalizers are present.

  • On May 30, 2016 the CDD Board is now staffing the pool with pool monitors through the summer.

  • On April 29, 2016 the CDD Board voted all in favor of having two shade structures build behind the pool for residents. These structures will provide a place for gatherings, parties and just a place to hide from the sun.

  • On November 19, 2015 Aquatic Services, Inc.’s Service Manager Kevin was on site kicking off the first round of submersed weed and algae treatments. Because so many of the ponds have such extensive submersed weed issues, as they decay there will likely be increased algae blooms as a result. Combine this with falling water levels and it becomes a recipe for accelerated algae growth. Aquatic Services will be on site the week of the 19th (and at least 3 times over the next 4 weeks) to continue submersed weed and algae treatments and really begin to turn these ponds around.********** Please send emails to Sabrina Kilgore at if you are experiencing issues with your pond.

  • October 1, 2015 started the new Fiscal Year and the Oak Creek CDD board has worked diligently to lower the Budget. The first step was by going out to bid for management services. The District had a contract with Rizzetta for a total of $70,556.00 as broken down below. The District has entered into a contract starting 10/01/2015 with Severn Trent for $43,500.00 saving the residents of Oak Creek $27,056.00 a year.


District Management


Financial Consulting Services


Accounting Services


Administrative Services





  • In September 2015 the CDD Board Refinanced the Bond and lowered the interest rate but the term remained the same the CDD Bond will be paid off November 1, 2035

October 20, 2016